OSCP Notes
Offensive Security Certified Professional
In this section, you can find the notes I received before the OSCP exam and the many sources I found. For more detailed resources, I recommend you to review Everything is Awesome section.
I want to give a few hint for the OSCP exam!

Most, most, most important Hint!

Practice and research a lot. Don't give up even if you get a feeling of failure from time to time. Definitely trust yourself and try more.

Second most, most important Hint!

Enumeration. More Enumeration. Much More Enumeration
The most important step that will help you solve the machines in the exam and in the lab is to do absolutely good enumuration. Sometimes there will be times when you will not find anything and your motivation will fall. At the point where you feel falling into the rabbit's hole, get up from the computer and get some air and then sit down and start enumerate. In fact, everything is in front of your eyes, only you haven't found it yet. Think simple!

Third most important Hint!

Don't trust exploits!
If you are sure that you have found a vulnerability, but your exploit does not work, stop and review the steps again. Read the exploit codes and always consider that the service you find is vulnerable, though not vulnerable. Then, of course, start the enumuration step again.
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